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Open web standards for supply chain traceability are here. The days of data silos are over.

Integrate with business partners in minutes, not months.

Introducing TrackVision AI

The SaaS platform that makes it easy to receive, share and analyse supply chain traceability data using modern, open GS1 web standards



Receive, push, and subscribe to traceability data using EPCIS 2.0. The best, most web-compatible data exchange standard today.

GS1 Digital Link

Publish machine-readable supply chain traceability data to your partners using GS1 Digital Links at batch or item level.

AI Enhanced

Intuitively get answers to your supply chain questions with our chat interface specially trained in GS1 traceability standards.

Have a chat with your supply chain.TM

Our Solutions




Multi-Tier Provenance

Obtain true multi-tier supplier traceability at batch or item level. Track the exact raw materials and components that went into your products, and trace their origin back to source. Monitor input batches for traceability compliance.

Distribution Traceability

Track items or batches as they are packed, shipped and received at your customers and beyond.


Diagram_grey market


Diversion Detection & Tracing

Inspect products for parallel trade and grey market activity. Perform distribution traces to find out how and where goods were diverted.





Recall Monitoring

Publish machine-readable recall info for your product batches via GS1 Digital Link. Automatically monitor for recalls among your suppliers.



Certification Monitoring

Store certifications in a standards-compliant format for zero-friction access by business partners through GS1 Digital Link. Monitor certifications among your extended supply chain, at tier 2 and beyond.

Why TrackVision AI

Standards based

Completely based on open standards. Reduce integration costs with partners. Avoid lock-in.

Massively scalable

Our brand new architecture is designed for big data. Comfortably handle billions of supply chain events at lightning speed.

Host anywhere

Choose where you store your data. Use any public cloud, or bring your own private cloud.

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