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Sensor Data Management

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sensor data management

For many product classes, the environmental conditions in which they are stored and transported through the supply chain is of critical importance.  The sensor technology ecosystem has evolved dramatically over the last few years to a point where low cost, low power devices can be liberally deployed in almost any scenario. TrackVision AI provides a scalable repository capable of ingesting sensor readings from any device in a standards-compliant format - GS1 EPCIS 2.0 - integrated with all your other supply chain data, providing a powerful environmental condition monitoring capability. 

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wifi-2 Sensor Data Capture

Attach IOT monitoring devices to products, logistics units, locations or assets, and relate their readings to the actual goods being stored and transported

eye Anomaly Monitoring

Monitor for discrepancies and condition violations specific to product type

database-2 Standards-Compliant

Keep all sensor data in one standard format in one common standards-based EPCIS data repository, avoiding costs of duplicated IT and inconsistent reporting

ai-1 AI Chat

Chat with an AI that is aware of sensor readings and violations

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