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Product Traceability

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Product traceability is a critical business capability required to meet regulations, prove ESG claims to customers and investors, and manage product safety and quality.  TrackVision AI is product traceability software that enables you to capture and analyze everything about your products using open GS1 standards; how they were made, what they contain, and their journey through the supply chain to consumer use and recycling.

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eye-1 Unique Identifiers

Track properties, identifiers and state of all products and logistics units in the supply chain, at batch or item level

camera check Provenance Tracing

Record production steps and attributes and track the exact materials, ingredients and components used in the production of any product

share-1 Packing Tracking

Track the packing relationships between products batches or items, cases and pallets

truck-1 Distribution Tracking

Track products and logistics units as they move through the supply chain: shipping, receiving, storing and selling

excel Flexible Data Ingestion

Ingest data via your preferred mechanism: user interface, spreadsheet upload, scanning, EPCIS API or through integration with existing IT systems such as ERPs, warehousing management systems and manufacturing systems

board-2 Analytics

Use simple dashboards to analyze raw material usage, inventory levels, product distribution and consumer interaction

ai-2 AI Chat

Ask any question about your supply chain using our AI chat interface

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