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Proactive Recall Monitoring

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proactive recall monit

Take action instantly in a recall situation.

Respond faster to safety and quality incidents with recall monitoring at scale via GS1 Digital Link and EPCIS. Publish machine-readable recall info for your product batches via GS1 Digital Link. Continuously monitor for recalls among your suppliers.

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How it works


Each material, ingredient or component in the supply chain gets a batch-level GS1 Digital Link

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If manufacturers detect a quality incident with their products, they broadcast GS1 EPCIS 2.0 recall events for the specific batches via GS1 Digital Link

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TrackVision continually monitors the GS1 Digital Links of the products buyers receive


If a recall is broadcast by a manufacturer, TrackVision notifies staff and helps manage the recall execution process. It can automatically broadcast a recall notice for any items that were produced with defective ingredients/inputs

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Consumers can scan QR codes on finished items to check if they are affected by recalls


Group 4592

Any buyer or stockist of goods can get instantly notified of a recall that may affect them, even if they don’t have a direct relationship with the supplier, without needing to rely on slow and unreliable email or phone based communication

Group 4592

Downstream distributors would not need to explicitly track which batch went to which customer, lowering operational costs

React faster to safety and quality incidents with standards-based recall monitoring at scale from TrackVision AI

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