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Drug Supply Chain Security Act Compliance (DSCSA) for Dispensers

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Dispensers must support interoperable, electronic tracing of products at the package level to comply with DSCSA.

TrackVision AI provides everything dispensers need to easily and cost-effectively comply with DSCSA, with guaranteed interoperability through the use of GS1 standards. Receive GS1 EPCIS data from suppliers, store for statutory periods, fulfill FDA investigation obligations, and perform suspect pack verification.

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How it works


Receive packing and shipping data electronically from upstream business partners using GS1 EPCIS messages


Store traceability data for statutory periods in our EPCIS repository

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View traceability data at pack, case or pallet level in easy to use dashboards, and export data for investigations

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Perform suspect pack verifications via scanning or user interface


Group 4592

Fulfil regulatory obligations for the ingestion of electronic traceability data at package level using GS1 EPCIS standards

Group 4592

Avoid the risk of regulatory non-compliance with a traceability system that continually monitors for data quality

Group 4592

Comply with FDA traceability data requests quickly and cost-effectively

Group 4592

Deploy an independent system you control, instead of depending on multiple wholesaler systems for compliance

Comply with DSCSA easily and cost effectively with TrackVision AI

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