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Cold Chain Monitoring and Compliance

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Knowing that perishable products are safe to use requires continuous  monitoring of their physical environment throughout the supply chain.

TrackVision AI supports the ingestion of environmental sensor data such as temperature and humidity to ensure that products are stored and transported in conditions that conform to the relevant specifications for that product type.  By continuously monitoring a supply chain’s physical environment, brands, retailers, and consumers can be confident that perishable products are fresh and safe to consume.

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How it works


Environment sensors are deployed in facilities where products are housed and in transportation vehicles, such as ships, trains, and trucks.  The sensors capture ambient conditions like temperature and humidity and report their readings via GS1 EPCIS standards


TrackVision matches the sensor telemetry to products as they are transported through the supply chain

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TrackVision AI compares readings to configured thresholds for each product type.  Readings that fall outside a prescribed range are visible on dashboards and can be reported to designated personnel in real-time via any medium


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Continuously monitor environmental conditions in the supply chain, ensuring freshness and safety

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Make assurances of safety to your trading partners and consumers, maximizing trust in your brand

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Be notified of supply chain partners who transport in non-compliant conditions, and take remediating measures

Ensure products are fresh and safe to use by continuously measuring conditions on their supply chain journey with TrackVision AI.

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