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GS1 Digital Link Resolver

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gs1 digital link

Enable the scanning of GS1 Digital Links, directing users to the most appropriate web content based on various attributes, including product master data, batch properties, recall status, provided linkType parameter, and traceability information.

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qr-2 URLs for Products and More

Generate a GS1 compliant web address for any supply chain entity: items, batches, cases/pallets, locations and more

share-2 Redirection Rule Management

Configure redirection logic for each Digital Link, optionally based on additional attributes such as master data, batch properties, traceability information, linkType parameters and more

board-3 QR Scan Analytics

Record events each time a Digital Link is scanned and view in analytic dashboards

dev Digital Link as an API

Return machine readable EPCIS 2.0 data for queries with “traceability” linkType

eye-2 Custom Workflows

Run additional business rules and workflows, for example to check for product diversion

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